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want to take over?

I created ocsenshixchange when people expressed interest in doing art trades of each others original sailor senshi, and I quickly realized why I don't start communities.

Considering my lack of time here lately, and how I just can't dedicate the time to promoting it/running it, I was wondering if any of you would like to take over?

I would prefer if it was one of the mods who signed up, but at this point, I just want to see it get some action in here since I think there are people who want to participate, just we don't have enough people to get it really started.

I'd still hang around for sign ups and what not, but I think my community-fu is failing me.
Yay Satan!

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Your Info:
Name- IIya
LJ Username- ilikebigtoes
Valid e-mail- iiyalovestodance@aol.com
Personal Gallery- http://iiyalovestobite.deviantart.com/

Character Info:
Name- Iris

Sailor Name- Sailor Ophiuchus

Gender- Female

Eye Colour- Orange/yellow

Hair(Colour,length, type, etc.)- would end under knees >>'

Physical Description- (I'm bad at desricing things i words so sorry if it's unreadable) Short with larger hands and feet, Oval (I guess heart shaped?) face with large eyes with silted pupils, smaller mouth (a cupid mouth) Finger and toe nails naturally black. Slight frame with small breasts. A 'hawk' shaped nose

Accessories(clothing, jewelry, etc.)- Senshi outfit: two rings, large earrings, belt with large panel on front, clasps

'civilian' outfit: loose robe with no decorations

Senshi Fuku-robe like with elongated sailor collar, flowing 'back bow; (I'm not sure on how to say this ^^')

Personality- Very quiet, solemn, solitary, likes small birds

Reference Pictures-


I'm really only linking to pictures that involve her 'senshi' form, there are more related pictures but er~

if you need more refs/info just message me P:
AnimeCelCaption - Mod Nyo

Shout Out!

We're in need of participants (especially artists) for the current exchange. The signup and swap information can be found in this thread. Please participate if you are in the mood to draw, write, or receive artwork or fanfiction of your senshi character!

ETA: If we do not get more participants by the scheduled time today, the signups will be extended for 24 hours. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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Mid April Author/Artist Signups (Theme: Earth – in honor of Earth Day)

Forgive the lateness of this month’s signup. It took me a while to figure out just how I wanted these things to go. As such, bear with me, and feel free to let me know if you see anything that might cause problems or which you have a problem with. Shall we get started? I thought so!

This month’s theme is Earth, in honor of Earth Day which is tomorrow. It is being left open to interpretation. Do you have an Earth Senshi you want featured? Perhaps you want your non-Earth Senshi to visit Earth. Perhaps you merely want to see (or read) something about your Senshi protecting the earth (not necessarily the planet Earth, but the actual planet that they happen to be on), either in a Senshi aspect or as a person making a difference. Perhaps both. This should be open to lots of interpretation by both sides of the swap, and while you can’t dictate what your partner will draw/write for you, we encourage communication between partners.

Before I give sign-up information, it is important to make you all aware that there are rules specific to this mid-month, Author/Artist swap. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.


1. All Standard Rules apply. Please read them in their entirety and follow them.
2. Ratings for fanfiction will be PG-13 and lower. No exceptions.
3. All fanfiction is to be put behind an lj-cut. Submission forms are the only things that should go above the cut. (Submission forms below.)
4. All fanfiction should be written in English (although mild use of other languages for flavor/characterization is acceptable so long as translations are provided).
5. All fanfiction should be written in paragraph format, with proper grammar, and with proper punctuation. Spell check your work. Always produce your best effort.
6. All fanfiction should be no shorter than 2,500 words. This is for one piece of fiction, and not multiple smaller drabbles. There are word count applications online, and we expect you to use them. This rule is subject to change for future exchanges should members find the limit too small or large.


Can I sign up as an Artist and as an Author?

Yes. However, if you sign up for both you will be expected to complete both. If you do not submit either by the deadlines, the same rules apply. End of story. Also, if we do not have enough participants on one side or the other, it is possible that you will only be assigned as one: either Artist or Author, depending on what we need. If you do not want this to be the case, either sign up only for the one you care about most, or put something in your signup that clearly states which one you must be signed up for. If you do not add this, we will assume we can assign you as necessary.

Got all that? Good. Think I need to add something? Let me know! We’re still a new community, and we’re fleshing this out as we go. Please, be vocal! If everything sounds good to you, though, we ask that you sign up by comment in this thread. Please use the forms below. Please put Sign Up in the subject line of your comment.

Collapse )

Thank you, and I hope that we will see many participants this month and for the months following! Open the floodgates, and let’s get drawing/writing!

Additionally, if you would like to advertise the community so that we will have more participants, please use the following code:

Witchery-Night Goddess

April 1st Sign ups! (THEME: Easter ) Artist/Artist

Alright, looks like we're gonna go ahead and give this a shot! If you're interested in this months sign up please leave a comment to this post with the following:

LJ Name:
valid E-mail:

Senshi Name:
Senshi Real Name:
Element or Realm:
Ref. Pictures:
A little bit of background:
Reference website: (for other details)

NOTE: PLEASE remember that all final pictures _must_ be colored! For a briefing on the rules go here: RULES!

Sing up ends April 1st! on that day I will post here with the partners!

When you're finished with your picture make a post and in the title of the entry put: "April 1st Entry: Theme: Easter!" so we know what it's from.

also, if you all wouldn't mind advertising the community in your journals. If you'd like you can use this image :)


Edit: Comments Screened
Once Upon a Time...


I've got so many! hahaha But for now I'll use my favorite one. :P

Your Info:
Name- Star
LJ Username- silmahelm
Valid e-mail- silmahelm [@] yahoo.com
Personal Gallery- check out my Website...reimeinosenshi.com that's where I have art at, even though I'm a writer and I JUST got a piece of writing up. :P

Character Info:
Name- Princess Elastravandra (Star) Kenzie

Sailor Name- Sailor Aurora

Gender- Female

Eye Colour- Blue

Hair(Colour,length, type, etc.)- Knee length, blond hair.

Physical Description- Tall, about 5foot 9inches, she wears her hair up in different styles, but mostly pulled back on the sides (think Venus, just no bow). She wears hair pins in her hair when its pulled back, sometimes that bit of hair is braided, some times all of her hair is in different hair styles, others its braided along the sides of her face. She has bangs, though at times it doesn't look like she does. She looks very much human, slender frame, with the perfect curves. She has an eight pointed star birth mark on her right hand between her thumb and pointer finger.

Accessories(clothing, jewelry, etc.)- Clothing: in civilian form she wears mostly pants with a lace up vest over a white or colored shirt, unless she is tending to matters of court, than she is decked out in a gown that sits off the shoulders, with long flared sleeves (think Ren Fest type gowns). She is always wearing a yellow crystal around her neck, she does wear a crown, but again only during matters of state/court and for special occasions.

She has a staff that she uses, but that's mostly in senshi form, there are plenty of pics of the website. Though for special reasons and situations you can find her with her staff. A tall rod with two pieces at the top. But again check out the descrip and pic on the website.

Senshi Fuku- Wow...um...senshi form? Ok...well there is a LOT so just check out the website for that. Especially since she has two senshi forms. lol That way you can take your pic. :P

Personality- Kind, loving, loyal, innocent. She has a set train of thought about things. Her duty is to her friends, her kingdom and her job as a guardian, something she takes very seriously. She's very patient and supportive, a thinker, who thinks about all things before making a plan of action, even if sometimes some think she is a bit naive.

Reference Pictures-
Check out the site again...to much...to many...to much thinking on my part. lol

Reimei No Senshi

Links are easy to use and the images are linked to the actual image so you can click for a bigger image and what not.
AnimeCelCaption - Mod Nyo

Meet Me

I warn you now: this information is ancient. I will probably be revamping the character stat. Doesn't help that the game she's from is defunct. I wonder if I could get permission to rehash it. XD

Your Info:
Name- Kendrah
LJ Username- dependonyou
Valid e-mail- UntraditionalFairyGodmother [at] gmail
Personal Gallery- Don't have one. I'm an author, not an artist.

Character Info:
Name- Hiryuuno Nushi

Sailor Name- Sailor Dream Fantasy

Gender- Female

Eye Colour- a strange metallic silver

Hair(Colour,length, type, etc.)- See below. Basically? Plum, in a long braid that drags on the floor.

Physical Description- Nushi was fortunate enough to gain the genetic characteristics of both her mother and father, though at times she wishes she looked more like her American father. She stands at roughly 5'7", towering above her 4'10" mother. She keeps her plum hued hair back in a long braid which reaches the floor, actually dragging behind her by an inch or two (which causes a lot of problems like getting DIRTY, but she refuses to cut it). Her bangs are parted in a zigzag fashion at her left (our right when facing her), and she allows the long strands to hang over to the right, covering her cheek, ear, and half of her right eye. There are a few short wisps of bangs framing the left side of her face, but they are considerably shorter than those on her right.

People often mistake her eye color for white, though truly it is a strange metallic silver that nobody in her family has ever had, so there is no way of explaining it genetically. Her eyes are almond shaped, beautifully large and full. Though she truly despises the fact that her skin tone links her quite obviously to her mother, she prides herself on her creamy orange complexion: the telltale Asian, oriental skin. She has a short, thin nose that is also quite frequent to those with her heritage. Though it is rare for someone to agree with her, she feels that her ears are slightly pointed and almost Elvin in appearance. It is true that the shape of her ears is slightly odd, but to go as far as pointed... though it isn't much of a stretch. She currently has three piercings in each earlobe with a golden hoop in each piercing.

Nushi enjoys flaunting her lush features and full figure. No matter how much she might stand out in the process, she adores wearing her Ren garb as frequently as possible. Attire reminiscent of episodes from Xena and gypsy scarves flourish her wardrobe. Her favorite shoes are her garb boots: soft doeskin that laces up her calf.

Accessories(clothing, jewelry, etc.)- Ummm... her staff. Coronet, gypsy belt, bracers, earrings.

Senshi Fuku- Oh man, do you want the full description? I think I'm going to be polite and refer you to her webpage again.

Personality- Umm, I'm not pasting the whole thing here. We'll say brassy, loud, and quirky, and you can read the rest on her webpage. How's that?

Reference Pictures-
There are a few, but not many, on her webpage.


Fantastic Vision

The links are imbedded in the poem. Let me know if you have trouble finding them. And remember, be gentle. She's old and needs a serious revamp, along with her world/premise, if I can get permission from the original creator of the RPG.

::shifty eyes:: And yes, it's quite possible I may have just wanted a use to use my old Mod icon. XD Since this has nothing to do with modly like duties, and everything to do with me.

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Your Info: ^_^
Name- Sam
LJ Username- Trinity_Sin
Valid e-mail-
Personal Gallery-  none

Character Info:
Name- Faith
(I have others for my fanfiction that I will post about soon)

Sailor Name- Sailor Pasiphae

Gender- F

Eye Colour- green

Hair(Colour,length, type, etc.)- Long, wavy, red

Physical Description- tall, hour glass figure, white skin

Accessories(clothing, jewelry, etc.)-

Senshi Fuku- purple, silver blue, ect..

Personality- She is strong but very misunderstood, her powers are great but hated by many, she is also wise kind and comforting...

Reference Pictures-

Yes it's a coloring of neptune but I will post my own art asap!
If this is not allowed I'll take it down
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Your Info:
LJ Username-
Valid e-mail-
Personal Gallery-

Character Info:

Sailor Name-


Eye Colour-

Hair(Colour,length, type, etc.)-

Physical Description-

Accessories(clothing, jewelry, etc.)-

Senshi Fuku-


Reference Pictures-
(if you have more than one, and you would like to externally link, please do so :))

please use the "introductions" tag when you post :D
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No art exchange is complete without themes! Use this post to let us know what theme you'd like to see during a sign up :) These themes are numbered but they will be randomly chosen come time for the exchange to go out.

1. Second Glance
2. Sleep to dream
3. Champions
4. Ghosts
5. Assumption
6. Can't stop
7. Free
8. Eye to eye
9. All my friends
10. Pineapple
11. an unlikely affair
12. Mucha
13. Easter - USED! (April 1st)
14. An Eye For An Eye
15. Hidden Desires
16. Dark
17. Behind Closed Doors
18. Effervescence
19. Sliding
20. Quandary
21. Disney-fied
22. Vampire Novel Cover
23. Longing (like for a friend or loved one)
24. Team Work
25. Discovery (either self or other)
26. Power (could mean actual power or metaphorically.)
27. Winter
28. Spring
29. Fall
30. Summer
31. Valentines Day
32. Halloween
33. Christmas