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OC Senshi Art Exchange

If you draw it, they will come...

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Welcome to the Original Senshi Exchange Community! This is an art and fanfiction exchange for fans of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon, who have created their own original senshi. For the time being, we are permitting exchanges of canon characters as well. Please read the rules, and we hope to see you in the exchanges!


Thank you for your interest in ocsenshixchange ! Please be sure to read the rules thoroughly, and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

  1. All exchanges must be submitted by the deadline. If your artwork(and/or fic) is not submitted on time, you will not be permitted to participate in future exchanges until it has been submitted.

  1. You will have one week after the deadline to submit your late work before your chosen goes up for adoption. Regardless of this, Rule #1 still applies, and you must submit this work before you will be able to participate again. Your responsibility does not disappear based on the length of time.

  1. All pictures and/or writing must be PG-13 or lower.

  1. You must obtain permission from one of the moderators before advertising in this community.

  1. a. When posting your art, all images must be behind an LJ cut; however, you are allowed a preview image no larger than 200x300 pixels.

b. Under the cut, we are also enforcing a size limit for sanity's sake. All images be 800x900 pixels. Anything larger must be sent to your partner via some other means.

  1. Excessively vulgar language is not permitted, even in jest. The application of this rule is left up to member's discretion, but the community moderators will have the final say-so as to what is and is not appropriate.

Violations of Rules #3-6 will follow a three-strikes rule. First offense receives a warning; second offense will result in suspension; third offense will end in expulsion from the community.

  1. We've noticed a lot of Otaku Senshi artwork online comes from editing coloring book pictures and the like; we, the moderators, are against this. Editing pre-existing artwork is not allowed.

    • This does not apply to the use of doll bases, for instance in pixel art. We recognize that some websites create bases specifically for people to use freely and build upon. As long as the artwork after that is not built from pre-existing models, it will be permitted.

  1. We understand that tracing is used for learning purposes in some cases, but it will not permitted in this exchange.

Violations of Rules #7 & #8 will follow a two-strike rule. First offense will result in suspension. Second offense will result in expulsion from the community.

If you have questions about any of the above, or find anything to be vague when you are preparing for your exchange, it is better to ask us rather than make assumptions about what will and will not be okay. We do not punish honest questions, and they will help us improve the rules and make community standards stronger.


Guidelines & Etiquette

  1. When receiving artwork, please comment. At the very least, you should say “thank you”, regardless of your personal feelings about what you have received.

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat others as you would be treated; this extend to giving and receiving feedback upon exchanged artwork. Nobody is going to harass you about commenting on ever piece, but if you would like to receive comments we ask that you please take the time to give them as well. You know how much they mean to you; think of how much they will mean to others.

  1. We know that a lot of you might do art as a living, and you may even charge high commission fees. With the exchange you may feel like this isn't something you need to put a lot of work into, but we would like you to do honorable work nonetheless. Therefore, we are asking that your work should at least indicate a finished piece. For the time being we have elected to remain unspecific as to what this means, but essentially, we want to see work that tells us you put real effort and thought into it.

  1. When receiving artwork/writing, please understand not everyone is going to be at the same level. However, if you receive a work that you feel is significantly sub-par compared with the rest of what your partner has previously produced, you may report them to the moderators. After three people have contact us about this same person, we will take action.